Monday, 21 March 2011

Foss cell gec sreekrishnapuram

Foss cell has been setup in our college by a group of Linux enthusists , This is a group of  Open Source Software Enthusiasts from Govt. Engineering College, sreekrishnapuram . The main objective is to bring together students and users to explore, discuss and share knowledge on usage of open source software  .  As part of first activity of FOSS cell GEC Sreekrishnapuram , a class on linux installation was conducted by me, syamkrishnan and najeeb sir.This was made possible due to the immense support extended to us by our HOD and lab staff.The class started with the indroduction session on linux and unix ,its ethics,GPL license etc on 14th march 2011 . The next two sessions on 16th and 17th march were workshops on 'How to install linux successfully' . Installation CDs ware given to groups of 8 students each . 95% of the students succeeded in their first attempt itself.Linux commands were also taught in the second and third workshop.The response from students was really great.The students of all semesters participated in this . The class was very effective and many students described it as highly resourcefull .I saw many students installing linux on their laptops many number of times and were trying out different distributions of linux.So I assume that the students were highly motivated by these classes.The number of students has increased since then .We look upon it as a positive response. We welcome any kind of feedback on the classes ,it's pros and cons and how students would like us to improve upon it,

Thank you!