Wednesday, 8 September 2010


Python is simple real programming language. It's use comes mainly for automation purpuses as shell and pearl is being used. python is applicable to larger problem domain than in shell or pearl with the help of its build in flexible data structures.
python gives more structural support for large programs than bash and pearl.
python offers much more error checking than c.
python has more flexible data structures like flexible arrays and dictionaries.
python allows to split the program into several modules and these modules can be reused.
python has a collection of build in modules
python allows the programs to be written in a more readable form.
python saves the software development time as it is having the following features.
1)The high level data structure and the map-reduce operations allows you to do complex jobs in single lines.
2)Statement grouping is done by indentation instead of braces , this will make code more readable and saves a considerable amount of time when writing large programs.
3)No variable declaration is required as the type of the variable is found while its first assignment.
python is extensible(ie, if you known c coding you can write codes for new build in functions and modules.)
So what do you think , isn't python awesome .
To learn more you should read the online python tutorial and also write small programs along with it.